Alibaba seal

what can i do with this

and why cant i exchange all the collective seal’s at once…?
got an XP boost 20min


i got that from so-ok

I’m sure it can be used somewhere. Check their site for the event info.

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and if someone want to know whatswhathow

can i set bot to return every 20min to base … and exchange alibaba Quest…? once every 20min? as its the gap time limit…?

is there a function that can auto do event delivery for this event?
in bot or plugin?

U can reward every 20 min since the buff last for 20 min , the top 15 players will rewarded after event is closed , i dont know wich server u are playing looks like palmyra ? unless u started since server opened and rewarded 72 seals each 24h its not worth to setup .

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