Alchemy tablets problem

when make tablets
have problem
but first
1 - server elements 1 package = 30k
2 - on bot can calculate total earth elemet on total like 90536 piece but other elements can’t calculate total just max wrote 30000

suggestion-1 : can’t u make all elements calculated like earth one
suggestion-2 : can’ u make mass mix tablets like alchemy plus and stones i can add every items then alick start alcemey for all

1 - on photo i have 30012 earth element
it stoped but works when i drop the 12 pieces

2- same problem on other elements in bot wrote 80 but on inventory 30080
so won’t start alchemt , only when i drop the 80 pieces

so every 30k finished i should go and drop the rest and start again
how to solve ?

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