Alchemy luck stone bug on TRSro

So after you fixed the immortal stone bug, it works well till +5 but after i try to add a lucky stone after +5 it just spams luck stones on a single item saying its adding parry and stuff but adds lucky instead, in this case: i had these logs on bot

[22:49:48] Alchemy: Success [Ten Thousand Nights Gem Ring +4]
[22:49:51] Alchemy: Success [Ten Thousand Nights Gem Ring +5]
[22:49:55] Alchemy Stone: Added [Luck] [0]
[22:50:01] Alchemy Stone: Added [Parry Ratio Increase] [0]
[22:50:07] Alchemy Stone: Added [Zombie Resist] [0]
[22:50:10] Alchemy: Canceled

But it added 3x luck stones so the item now has 3x lucky instead of attended 1 lucky,
hope its clear enough,

Hit me up for more info?

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