Alchemy finish Alarm > link with whisper sound

Hey hey

Is it mayby possible to put an alarm on when alchemy is finisht. There is an option for notification but it dont make any sound, would be nice if it made an sound just like in whisper you can setup. Please think about it to LINK it with the WHISPER sound

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It could be good if its added also to handle_event list :slight_smile:

I can add an event for it. Is it really that important to have a sound notification?

would be good for me and mayby many others if your alching 4 chars at once closed window and wait for the end but dont want to look every time to check


When wil the update be you think for it =))???

I just released an update so in a few days depending on if I want to add other things as well.

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Great its in there :smiley: got the best sound setup for it

Jobs Done

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