Again euro buffer dc

My buffers started to DC again constantly
They have the weapons set already. They were working fine
Now they dc again. I have testing version 25.4.1
How to fix this? My pts die nonstop

Send me an account to test with.

r u in palmyra?


even the party im in
which are 6chars from 1PC/player
one of his chars is cleric
& he keep getting his whole party DC at once…
common bug…

got vip account
but no cleric in it for ya to test…

If it’s the entire party I don’t think that’s caused by the bot.

since I removed int and str it fixed it
also, I was casting healing rise and healing of light both together and that also gave me crash
tell the cleric owner from your party to do the same

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See the Discord #testing channel.

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