Again auto quest problems with 90 invin quest

@Ryan the bot dont take the quest i set it to enable / trainplace is the 2nd rocky spawn ( 88mob -4370,338 ) it will walk to the trainplace ind start botting as normal but dont go to the quest npc also it dont say the “blablabla quest can be accepted , generating path” thing
i even tryed to close and open bot again but it still dont work for me
i use the newest testing realease
default town is hotan

if u want i can give u acces via teamviewer

*Add all blues" only add str and int on acc (at least at 11d nova didnt test other degrees)

Which quest?

its in the title :smiley: 4th invintory quest lvl 90

Seems fine to me.

[16:47:23] Auto Quest: [Inventory Expansion 4 (Common)] can be accepted
[16:47:26] Script: Walking to -4370, 338
[16:47:26] Script: Walking to -4353, 321
[16:47:28] Script: Walking to -4336, 304
[16:47:31] Script: Walking to -4320, 285

[16:47:23] Auto Quest: [Inventory Expansion 4 (Common)] can be accepted

this part is not comming for me

Is collision detection on? It needs to be.

i will try it if its only this can u add a little notice it it i will let u know

it work now but the walkback from the quest sucks everywhere

[22:28:07] Script: Possibly stuck - going back a coordinate

[22:28:07] Script: Walking to -5138, -587

[22:28:08] Script: Walking to -5148, -565

[22:28:16] Script: Possibly stuck - going back a coordinate

[22:28:16] Script: Walking to -5138, -587

[22:28:16] Script: Walking to -5148, -565

[22:28:24] Script: Possibly stuck - going back a coordinate

[22:28:24] Script: Walking to -5138, -587

[22:28:24] Script: Walking to -5148, -565

[22:28:32] Script: Possibly stuck - going back a coordinate

[22:28:32] Script: Walking to -5138, -587

[22:28:32] Script: Walking to -5148, -565

Turn off the stuck detection.

now after the stuck i abandon the quest again to see if it now walks without flaws
now the char dont take the quest anymore

That is not possible to fix. If you cancel a one time quest it gets put into the “completed” list on the server, so there’s no way to know that the quest is still available and was never finished. You have to get it manually.

ok then i have 1 little suggestions
can u make the if a quest is enable and can be accepted that it will temponary override the setting (ilke you recomended)

  1. a little offtopic
    why did this happen : ( client dont hide after reconnect ) also on first login
    its every time even after windows/phbot new installation

    it basicly say client is hidden (“Show Client”) otherwise “hide client” would be shown
  1. No. Just walk there and get it.
  2. Click the button.
  1. i mean if i didnt abandon the quest ( it will do it by default to prevent mistakes and post´s like this / temponary overriding the nessesary settings )

  2. it will do the reconect on his own @ 00:00 im not there
    what i wanna tell you is that the autohide dont work ( maybe it hides to fast so the client is not realy detected)
    this would also the answer why the bot shows “show client” instead of “hide client”

  1. What do you mean? If you did not abandon it then it will get the quest if it is available.
  2. I’ll look into it. The button state doesn’t matter.
  1. yes but i mean the settings the bot will general set the settings if auto quest is enable( that the bot will set automatic if quest is enable ) (enable colison cetect./nav around obsticles/and uncheck both stuck settings )

basicly if no quest enable use “user settings” if any quest can be accepted=temponary override user settings with the recomended quest settings (enable/disable some checkboxes if nessesary AUTOMATED ) after quest finsch load “user” settings

  1. i mesured the delay from from the client start ( clientwindow (balck but has the resulution)) to the “hide-client” botton

its about 0.05 sec

the first time i get a picture from the client is 0.1 sec after the client start ( clentwindow )

maybe thats the reason why its not detected
maybe that helps you in some way basicly it hides the client befor it even can load a frame^^ the button state will doesnt matter right but if it changed during relog i know the at this point the " hide command " was triggerd right ?