After releog process bot close then open in a circle

when open bot from main bot , it’s oka
but i have 5 acc so open them from manager

when relog or even cick start accounts in a row bot open do extent off typing
( data loaded 100% )
then close and open again then close
so i can’t open bot manager only rarly

note : they were working fine
server max 5 acc
i guess i my eyes saw message but it’ just for 1 momen before bot closing so i can’t read it but it’s small around 5 words

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I was having the same issue with my manager and it was using my cpu at very high rates since the manager would start and stop the each bot constantly. What I did and ended up working for me was to go into the manager tab then go into “options” then go into “manager” tab in the new window and increased the “Start delay” I put mine at 25,000 ms. hope this helps and resolves your issue.

@malcolmx do you have “start silkroad client” marked in the manager many server need it if you dont have it you will basicly login clientless and many servers will dc you then also check if ur profile is right it must be exactly the same name as you set in the bot (autoconfigure>profile)

i will try it [email protected][elchuy]
@[Chefkoch] yeb it’s checked and profile right not problem
it happens many times but when i close bot and open it many time it solve it self but issue get again on next relog

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