Adding new functions


would it be possible to add some more functions to the bot api?

What i would like to have:
-when combobox changed
-change mastery/gap settings in bot
-change party settings in bot(Turn Auto Accept on/off, add Players to invite list etc.)
-add Job Skills to autoskill
-add Skills to attacklist

it would be really nice if all or some of these could be added!

Thanks in advanced

@Ryan are there any plans in adding any of these?

To add skills to attack list / change pt settings:
A workaround you can do is to use python to modify the profile and reload it

Change mastery its at bot, if i got it right;

What job skills you mean?

I hope it helps. :four_leaf_clover:

thank you for your answer!

The workaround could work, i will try it out!

With change mastery in bot i mean, to change the setting with a plugin which are setted in the bot. An example could be with xControl: “CHANGEGAP 4” → Gap will be changed to 4, or “AUTOSKILL Wizard” → Wizard will be automaticly leveld up

With job skills i mean the skill you get with the new job system. For now you can´t lvl these automaticly up or add them. You can find them under the “Job” Tab if you are playing on a server with the new job system!

Thanks for your help again! :slight_smile:

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@Ryan any plans in adding something of these things?