Adding "ignoring a drop" to pet.

Hi there,

I’m all new to the game and also botting but so far so good with the updates and all. But there’s something i have noticed that i believe it would be better if it fixed. Here is the situation:

When you pick with your character, if a drop (whether is gold or an item) is not reachable it ignores that drop and keeps looting. But when you do it with a pet, if your pet cant reach out to drop it stops and doesnt loot anything until that unreachable drop is dissappeared and starts working as intented afterwards. My suggestion is adding a small amount of time for pet to try to pick the loot and if cant ignoring that drop and move on to others. This happens all the time when grinding in caves or some places that have stones, trees etc that pet cant move in a straight line. Especially in the last 2-3 days in DW Cave this situation occurs almost every 10-15 minutes where you lose lots of drops since killrate is quite high and one drop behind a pillar literally makes all unable to be looted.

I hope I put this on the right section, and hope can be done something to prevent that.


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