Adding default alchemy settings to json file

@Ryan a long time ago i asked for some condition settings like " if alchemy finsch " “add all itmes(alchemy window)” and “start alchemy” i found something that works for me in this case its a bit funky but its works

i just wanna ask if u can add this (green) things also to the .json file in the config or to add a simple save button for the alchemy tab so it will always set up like this :

when the bot restarts its all gone and when i come home i just have +0 items in the storrage :smiley:

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something like this :slight_smile:

@Ryan if u see this pls give me a short repost

I don’t plan to add this.

is a simple save botton ok for you to add ? @Ryan

or in what file is the default alchemy settings becurse it has to be somewhere otherwise even the stop attempt “100” would not be a default thing would be nice if u give us a hint

Then I have to somehow manage loading it.

lol instand reply :slight_smile: