Add chinese mana Orbit skill to this section

i cant add it
can u enable it

That is for MP not HP. You should be able to add it to the Mana Cycle party buff.

what is that? i section? option?
clarify more please…

Put their name under Mana Cycle on the party buffs tab.

i dont want it to spamm it
want it to use it when pt health is low

pt health is low = cleric not buffing healing orbit
cleric not buffing healing orbit = out of mana
out of mana = the bard isn’t at spot (dead or DC or stuck somewhere…)

That skill is for MP not HP.

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ya i know
& it could be set to trigger at certain %
but np…

The healing tab is for healing only. It can’t do anything else.

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you can HEAL HP
you can HEAL MP
you can HEAL ur stomach from hunger…
you can HEAL ur thirst with some nice drinks…
you can HEAL…

alot can fall under the “heal” section…

:rofl: :joy: