Accounts problem

Hey Weeman,

Phbot testing latest version/ ISRO is causing joymax to make my account appear as if the character is online already, thus making me unable to log my characters. Joymax may be blocking accounts.

Will you improve phbot security/ fix this issue?

No, it’s a server problem.

I was having the same issue. For me, it looks like it’s about stuff like how fast you’re relogging and if you allow phbot to continuously try to relog. If you want to prevent it, try to avoid clientless login and relogging automatically.

Also, the only way to fix your account is by messaging joymax. It’s happened to a lot of people.

For Me Clientless Login Is Working Perfectly … But The Servers Are A Shit

yeh clientless login works great, i was saying more so about clientless relogging