1- I have an academy plugin but I can’t write id-pw and how do I add a lot of characters to phbot? (xAcademy)

2- 40 lvl will also terminate the character. But what do I have to do to log in to the other character?

3- For example; and will log in sequentially. five by five
ID: “test1”,“test999”
Pw: “test”

Or is it possible to add characters to the managere in a collective way? For example, as I said above.

adam onu sormamışki giriş idsini değişerek denenebilirmi diyor

not a character name , How account name changes She asked d:

:sweat_smile: pardon ya yanlış anlamışım galiba, uyarı için thx.

no i’m not talking about it.

u can edit plugin and use exec via python

for axample add this func in xAcademy and generate condition currentlvl >= 40 then call python function exitBot :slight_smile: (use manager for auto restart bot and give wrong char name for xAcademy plugin)
ps:this code just kill phbot process if u login with client add first condition disconnect.

def exitBot():