Academy Problem

dear owner
i have problem with phbot in academy section
when i klick on academy matching i cant see any reform and i be sure there is already player reform academy matching but form bot i cant see it
please check and fix thanks

wich server you play ?
he work on isro server check you’r seting maybe missing tittle ?

i play on demeter server
i already check evrything is fine but still cant see academy matching from bot
i try from other pc
i rest bot setting
i try in other server
i try form other char
nothing work

using testing ?
try this ==>
unmark auto form academi
go on client
open academi matching and loock if your register is on pt match if yes delete it then mark auto form academi
and let see

char who auto reform all time client
i try to find his reform from other chars but i cant see his reform or other players reform to
yes i am yesing last v of bot