Academy plugin - Modify

Hi! I would like to create gbots without the sequence number from phbot plugin xAcademy
Tbh, I dont know which line I should modify from the plugin to achieve this, due to my unknown expertise in coding…
Also wanted to ask if, in order to change the character’s gender into female, I should add the name of the character in here:
model = get_monster_string(‘CHAR_CH_MAN_ADVENTURER’)
chest = get_item_string(‘ITEM_CH_M_HEAVY_01_BA_A_DEF’)
legs = get_item_string(‘ITEM_CH_M_HEAVY_01_LA_A_DEF’)
shoes = get_item_string(‘ITEM_CH_M_HEAVY_01_FA_A_DEF’)
weapon = get_item_string(‘ITEM_CH_SWORD_01_A_DEF’)
race = ‘EU’

	model = get_monster_string('CHAR_EU_MAN_NOBLE')
	chest = get_item_string('ITEM_EU_M_HEAVY_01_BA_A_DEF')
	legs = get_item_string('ITEM_EU_M_HEAVY_01_LA_A_DEF')
	shoes = get_item_string('ITEM_EU_M_HEAVY_01_FA_A_DEF')
	weapon = get_item_string('ITEM_EU_SWORD_01_A_DEF')

Sorry for both questions. I hope you can help me