Academy invite problem

bot sends invitation to a character which is not on the list ?

my academy settings :

What did you type in the list? It’s using regex so you need to escape certain characters for it to work the way you want.

can u make an example ?

If you Type Verya.* the bot will invite all names with Verya like Verya01, Verya02 …

He messaged me in private and I told him to add a dollar sign to the end of each character name like so: mycharacter$

I thought regexx will use with .*? Did you changed something?

He wanted to specify all names so a dollar sign at the end means ‘exact’.

Ah good to know
Thanks :slight_smile:

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anyone check pt regex too? invite working but pt match not working :S

Yes, party invites use regex too.

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academy have invites and accept regex both but for party has invite not accept regex can u add :slight_smile:

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thanks i will test :slight_smile:

ryan regex same work? i test it but not accept example test.* test1-test2-test3 i cant join party match master desnt accept

anyone test 23.4.5 ? i add char name test.* invite list and try join with test1-2-3-4 master not accept the party

Make sure this settings because it is working well in 23.4.5

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party invite work but from party matching not accepting only invite example its ur pt master char u try join with pt title name1-2-3-4 dont accept

Party setting for academy chars(1lvl) make sure marked settings because it still works flawless.

yes same settings and i add playername.* master char but really not accept only invite when near but not for academy work :slight_smile: u can test it

You want your party master char to auto accept joining(using party number) by your 1 lvl chars, am i right? So, i dont know how to get this problem in other ways but i want to show a tip, i tried it worked, for now, make sure this settings(party master char):