Academy enter

with new testing version 21.6.0 no join with name or academy title can u fix it :smiley:

Yep. Next version.

someone told me academy matching in 21.6.0 also have a bug
u get ip block couse it form to fast and often

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Nice - hope the new version comes soon

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I was pretty sure that was fixed. I added a 60s delay or something.

In my test, my Main Char tried to invite every 60s. Also when the char is already in the academy.
I think it would be better, if the bot check before if there is a matching or the player is already in the acadamy

It already does that though. It checks if the matching is already formed and it also checks the player to see if they are already in the academy or not.

Than i donΒ΄t have any ideas why i get always the text thats already createt or invited

no need new version fixed? i have same ryan can u make 45s ^^