About stall spam

can u remove spam chat on stall option? many player doing spam and its doing bot lag when click General chat. its really useless

no such option. =)). You can try the clear button to clear everything. That will help.

lol after the clear they not spam again? :smiley: :smiley: i have stall chars too and its huge lag

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Upgrade your computer then. I have 16 chars in town and they are spamming all day. Disable or filtering out others message is not an option.

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Whats the reason for spamming? Its useless because no one will read it

im also pissed of spamming

I’ll increase it and add a random delay.

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How about an option to let the users customize their own delay instead?

You know they’re all going to choose the minimum.

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Give them some freedom and the ability to customize. Let the Gm do their job. They will block their character chat for 2-3 days if they spam in town. :smiley:

Nothing prevents them from using the chat condition :man_shrugging:

I understand your point. Most users aren’t tech Guru and I find it’s going to be an extra unnecessary step while The Stall tab already has the option to enter your chat, all it needs is the option to customize the time to elevate the user experience.

Why spam matters? Bcz everyone blocking nick so none see the msg’s :slight_smile:

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