About quest temple

is must do walk script to every quest or just one script for all and add quest in walk script

You should use one for each so it doesn’t waste time going to each NPC, or you could enable collision detection and not set a script and it’ll find its way assuming the NPC is in the same town as you.

i enable collision detection but char not go to npc and get reward when quest complete bot ignore it and still attack

Ryan can answer me ?!!

Which quest and which town?

[Bloody Fatal Combat (Thief)]

[Proof of Strength 2 (Thief)]

[Proof of Strength 1 (Thief)]

[Hunting in the Middle of the Temple Dispute 2 (Thief)]

[Hunting in the Middle of the Temple Dispute 1 (Thief)]

in holywater temple farm sp

can answer me Ryan please