About auto pt in phbot

Hi again i am trying to figure out everything about phbot and i arrenged auto pt for chars but phbot doesn’t work.How it works can you help me ?

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Which option did you have problems or how do you want to configure it?

You can get detailed information from here

Also Turkish descriptions,

Party, Options
Accept all party invites

Herkesten gelen parti davetlerini kabul eder.

Accept party invites from list

Parti listesindeki karakterlerden gelen parti davetlerini kabul eder.

Invite all players

Herkesi parti daveti gönderir.

Invite only from the list

Yalnızca parti listesindeki karakterlere parti daveti gönderir.

Leave if leader is not in the list.

Parti lideri, Parti lideri listesinde değilse partiden ayrılır.

Leave if leader is in the training area.

Parti lideri, kasılma alanında değilse partiden ayrılır.

Only accept invites at the trainig area.

Parti davetlerini yalnızca kasılma alanındayken kabul eder.

Accept party invites from other players

Diğer oyunculardan gelen parti davetlerini kabul eder.

Invite other players to the party

Diğer oyuncuları partiye davet eder.

Allow other party members to invite players.

Parti üyelerinin diğer oyunculara parti daveti göndermesine izin verir.

Refuse invites from players not in the list.

Parti listesinde olmayan karakterden gelen davetleri reddeder.

Yes I know phbot has Turkish language option but it came to me incomprehensible.

we did all this options but it didn’t send pt

Let me show you an example

party configuration for all

party configuration for specific player

Be sure all bots are set in same options.
Also check party type. All should be set in same type.
Be sure bots don’t auto form party matching.

Hello, I have a problem with the ph, it happens that when I am in job mode and I auto reform, the ph does not auto accept any player, what can I do or is that not possible?

well this been for a long time we need to ask @Ryan if this intended or not