A script for a winter event

winter event (W I N T E R), how can I break them from the npc, ‘quest, Santa So-Ok, Exchange a?’ . When I open the npc task window, it’s the ‘JoySro Winter Event 2018’.
The automatic task does not work.
What should I do if I want to write a plugin for this?
sorry for bad english :frowning:

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At first? learning python. Codecademy it’s a good start!

Then, you can use xPacketTool to read client/server packets when you click that npc and all his options. The rest will be easy if you know Python and take a look the code from this section.

All relevant info can be found around 0x7046 (client packet) happening at selecting npc and 0xB046 (server packet) that it’s his response.

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Türkçe desteğimiz de mevcuttur @cebralig