A new noob on phbot

Hello, i’m new on ph bot and I have some questions.

  1. can phbot be use on more ip/pc?
  2. i will want to connect more chars. where can i find proxy at a good price?

so far these are the questions, I hope someone will help me. but other questions will surely arise

  1. Yes.
  2. Google :slight_smile:
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i have try to finde one, but all of them is expensiv. can someone tell me a proxy provider at a good price?

can you tell me something?
how i tranfer the bot remaining time to my accont, now when i use phbot, i need to use this ‘phbot_8988621029’
can it be trasnfer on my emai/accont?

No. Usernames are randomly generated when you first buy time. Buy it on a different email next time if you want to change that.

  • ifi will buy more weeks from same email, wil accumulate whit what I already had?
    i have try to send one char at plvl spot, i have x and y but is gine me this to error,one from dw one from hotan
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

If you enter the same email it will extend the time. Where are you starting the bot from? You have to make sure the destination is not too close to a wall otherwise a path won’t be created.

the destination was close to wall. i have change it, until now is work
but what is happen about hotan? the was 0 muve in town, direct error

Make sure you’re starting the bot in town spawn.

I’m so happy to see a admin how help. Thx!
I have try until now in diferit spot.
One tine at alexandria 109(is work)
One time in rock montain (is work)
And the last time was in dw cave. At moobs 70, there is faill…
Was good, until is arive at cave. there it froze not move. I do something rong?
All my char is 70+ where to expect more problems.

I want to use phbot whiout record script

please be patient with me. i used sbot and i want to give phbot a chance

Donwhang cave is not supported except for the first level with path finding.

are there any other places to expect problems?
Do these places work well?:
-Jg cave
-mirror for loc 110+
-job temple
-it also works auto quest in job temple?(just in one week i will have lvl to try it)

Tell me if it doesn’t go anywhere where I could go to level 70

Every other location should work.

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