A few development requestss

Hi everyone! :innocent:

  1. We can’t see invisible players. How does this feature in phbot work? We can’t see. For example; I have a thief with me, the alarm comes with a warning but I can’t see it. This is working on sbot. We want it too! :roll_eyes:

  2. A feature in sbot: Automatically scroll to the entered coordinates. Is this possible? Or is it possible in the future?

  1. “Remove invisible from the game”
  2. Only on iSRO. I don’t have return scrolls to test with so I can’t add it. If you want to send me an account with some, I can take a look.

PathFinding work for me when your char is at town and you set cordinates. But not wenn you are on the field and set new coordinates

I’m using Translate, I may be misunderstanding.

Does he only work at iSro? I’m playing BSilkroad. I can give you an account so you can do whatever you want.

Although the “Show hidden players” option is checked, it does not. I’m guessing it just shows Dagger characters’ hiding skills. Not the wizards.