8 accounts per PC only

Please make phbot only open 8 accounts per PC, it would help to end the giant queue and end the amount of golds bot, and make the game more fun. @Ryan

I told the same thing him too. I hope he does something. :slight_smile:

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or do something by increasing the price of the bot for example if you are playing with 8 accounts 4 $ per month, if you play with 16 accounts 20 $ per month, unlimited accounts 40 $ per month. idk, just do something, i know the bot is needed, but it also ends with a fun game, there has to be a better way to manage it.

up up xd

But why?

There are several players who do not play, because of this queue and you ask me why? everybody complains on facebook about the game. are you blind?
that would make the game a lot better, where is the fun when 1 guy
fills 25% of server capacity alone ,
this totally wipes out the fun of the game. If it were limited to just 8 char per pc, the next server would be pretty cool to play. It would be a much busier game.



You should blame Joymax for not upgrading their servers on purpose so y’all spend $ for vip on ur bots :rofl:
Joymax could implement a HWID Limit. Why do you think they don’t? Servers with full capacity are $ farms with that VIP queue system.

Can’t believe how people is still playing official at this point.

buy vip :smiley:

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Then this is for iSro, not for Private server: D

ez answer hahaha


Blame joymax not ryan lol

Stop bumping the dumbest thread on this forum. This is irrelevant/useless to phBot. Its all Joymax’s fault. They have the sources to upgrade their servers. If Terra can increase player count & merge them all so should silkroad.

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