3 reflect use

hi, I need to use all 3 reflects on my training area but can’t figure out how to, If I put more than 1 reflect skill on the buff list, it will just use first one and ignore others, I mean, I know I can only use 1 at a time, but when the first one finish, It doesn’t activate the 2nd reflect buff while the 1st is on CD

Skills: Reflect, Advanced reflect, Blood counters

Add them to your buff list?

I did, but its using only the first one in the list, then he waits till the CD its gone and use the 1st one instead of using the 2nd and 3rd while the CD its over

Most likely because they conflict. Are you sure you can use them all in game at the same time?

No I cant, thats what I said, I want to use one by one because their cooldown is very long. I need to use 1 Reflect, then 45seconds later when its gone, use Advanced reflect

It sounds like that should work, but I’m not quite sure because it might detect it as not able to be used since the other one was activated.

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