23.7.9 just sold or dropped my 13d shield

went to npc last night and shield was in slot as sold, now- came back to game to repot and shield is gone , not in npc and not in storage GONE, NO MURDER

Alright. Why did you set it to sell?

NOTHING is set to sellSHIELD

not set to sell not sett to buy

i have 2h and use light staff to holy recovery then shield comes out

Did you check storage? Make sure you teleport first.

i am in mirror and spawn point is mirror

running to town now to look

not in guild or personal storage

Look in the logs for that item and see what happened to it.

i dont see anything

You probably died and it dropped.

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so we need to lock everything now

Is there any possibility to drop SoX items if you die? That’s so scary. :joy:

is this post closed ?

yes is first sold 13d shield then later it was gone yes 13d shield gone

i am buying sbot the loss of 13d shield to much money, phbot history now news gets out

mine is gone 13d magic all 80% +3

I’ve been using phbot for 6 or more years and it has never sold an item I didn’t tell it to sell. This is user error.

What server is this?

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i have had bot for 10 years and this is first time it happened, but it did happen