21.8.6 skills not working right

have all skills in proper area to attack only uses 3 skills even if giant or pt mob, delete config and redo all skills, still same final axe crash and asian’s step not working this setup

does same with 2h skills

Axe crash?

Turn off “use skills in order”. That option will go back to the first skill in the list after killing a monster.

tried with off same

these are axe skills, assian’s step and Final axe crash do not work no matter how i config

same with two hand skills some do not work

this on 21.8.7 now

two hand skills not using Hells fury and raising inpact and assian’s step

so this not gonna be fixed? i buy sbot soon bro

NEVER HAS RAPIDITY SOCKET WORKED (socket on chest i have told you about months ago) now skills messed up i wanna play bro

Not that simple. Because those skills have extremely short delays it will use them again because they are available.

Edit: Fixed for the next version.