100 client limit on isro

The queue is lower because Joymax is looking at your IP for open common SOCKS proxy ports.


I think 50 char limit will be perfect for everyone even who makes academy and gold pt etc and for ftw openin buffers… and one more thing if they will do 5-10 char limit no one will buy phbot people are using phbot because of high cue so just make it 50 char for each pc for each sw will be pretty enough for everyone.
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i would definitely buy phbot(as if there is another bot for isro)
even on 1acc per PC(i only have 1 account though xD)
cuz of the lvling up time…
im better off wasting time grinding money reallife … than wasting time grinding/fingering my keyboard for hours

& would like to suggest to make it 1acc(or 2acc for stall) per PC though
but seeing how some suffer in making party’s & therefore they make there own party’s … would suggest 8acc max…

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Really good idea is 1 pc = 50 clients MAX!!
Make this, ryan, plis :slight_smile:


U know some private servers have no bot policy
Some have account limit policy
& they got ALOT of players

Hanging on Silkroad cuz it runs on low PC
Or cuz of its unique system that I couldn’t find a game like it…
(Include botting)

Even though knowing private servers could close anytime
For low on buyers
Or being sued by the owner
Or whatever reason…

If the original Silkroad DiD limit ip per PC
Might cost pandemic for having easy login for a while
But can by easy fixed by auto adjusting login line to keep ex.50inline
BUT also can start luring back players to it

Cuz it became less crowded with goldbots
& gold price went down

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