100 client limit on isro

Why do you have this limit of 100 client per server on iso ?

The queue is 1000+ on most servers.

Can you take off the limit.

Hi, is it true that there is a phbot or pc limit of 100 chars?

Read the bot change logs. The 100 limit applies only to iSRO since every server has an insane queue which prevents people from playing.


I did not find any information on the forum or discord about the limit of 100 accounts / chars per 1 phbot account. If it is somewhere, please send me a link.


ohhh sorry, thx.

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When will you remove the limit Ryan?

Probably never. Do you really need to login more than 100 accounts?


do i need to login mote than 100 clients ? yes i do need to, thats why i pay for the bot in the first place.

You have the option of using it inside a VM or other computers.

Why not set the client log in limit to 300 or 250 per server?

It wouldn’t do anything. Feronia has had a 100 limit for a week or two and the queue dropped but is still high.


Next step should be disabling phbot manager for a better silkroad experience :slight_smile: It just makes the game unplayable

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phbot manager is making life easy with its login
i only have 1 account & i find it fast & easy & satisfying…
keep it up…

& who’s arguing about phbot limits…
u are being too rude to none vip/premium players…
ur just 1person with 1phbot account
vs alot…
or should i say…
1customer with its plan in this game
vs alot of customers with there plans…
U R A minority…

reminds me of some friendless players who … at fortressWar time … fill up the whole fortress with his GoldBots…

i mean WTF ! just make a private server & do some lonely obsession stuff alone…

dont bug others with your smell(habits)


That won’t solve the problem queue, I think 100 chars x pc is good but still too much , 50 will be perfect. People like you having 200-300 chars that brokes the game. just 10 person with 200 chars its 2000 chars…
Be more realistic.


yes, please make a limit of 25 or 50 max please! It will be better and easier to play for other players and you will have more people who will buy phbot


100 char limit is pointless when it can be easily circumvented using a vm.

It’s more of an annoyance than anything else.

Every NA iSro server will have 7h+ queues regardless of the limit unless some other measure is put in place.

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Hey Ryan it doesnt matter that people can use VM or stuff because running the VM requires RAM/CPU and the VM itself requires a lot of RAM/CPU aswell. Most of the people have 4/8 and 8/16 core CPUs so there is like 8-16 virtual cores to be used by the VM. The required RAM/CPU is much more to open 300 chars through a PC and two VMs, compared to a PC only.

So this measure is absolutely not pointless. The queue was/is down significantly. Hope that you do a force update next server maintainence.