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Trade Chat Answer (13)

Due to each server changing random parts of their answer you may need to modify the script to make it work. from phBot import * import phBotChat import re import struct from time import sleep def process_chat(data): …

GUI Example (3)

As soon as Python is initialized inside the bot, it will load all *.py scripts inside the ‘Plugins’ directory. This is when you should initialize the GUI if you plan on having one. Step 1: Initialize. import QtBind fro…

Attendance Registration (2)

Originally written by ImSaSuKi on the old forum. I’m not sure if he’s still around, so I’ve been updating it each time Joymax enables the attendance event. Remember to remove it after the event is over! from phBot impo…

Download (3)

In v12.1.55 of the testing release, Python 3.4 plugin support has been added. Plugins allow you to extend the bot with Python by sending packets or starting/stopping the bot. Any .py file you place in the ‘Plugins’ dire…

API Docs (3)

The API is fully documented on GitBook.

Character Select / Creator (3)

This plugin can be used to select the first character that appears in the listing. This plugin will not function until 21.2.1 or 16.1.6. from phBot import * def character_listing(args): for name in args: if…

GDPR Policy Accept (2)

This plugin will auto accept the new privacy policy that Joymax added to the client. You must accept it before you can login to your account. Do not use this plugin unless you understand and agree with the updated priva…

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