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phBot Installer

I created this installer a year ago to allow new users to easily get setup with the bot. It installs everything to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs. Download

6 March 28, 2019
Latest Stable Release

Use the account from to login. Every feature should be very self-explanatory. If you have any questions or bugs to report please visit this section You are NOT allowed to…

9 March 18, 2019
Section Rules

1. Reporting Bugs - Use descriptive titles: [Bug or Question] [Full Bot Version] [Locale] Short Description Title example: [Bug] [11.5.6] [iSro] Bot stops switching weapon after 5 minutes Describe exactly what happen…

3 October 26, 2018
CrapTrap VM

For official iSRO/SilkroadR only. I have decided to release a VM that can be run with VMware Workstation/Player 11 so that no one will need to rely on the server option. The VM contains iSRO and SilkroadR with shortcut…

3 October 26, 2018
Gateway Connection Issues

This only applies to official iSRO/SilkroadR. If you are having gateway connection issues like this: [02:40:55] Connecting to the gateway server [] [02:40:56] Connection was closed by the remote host,…

3 October 26, 2018
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Latest Testing Release

This forum section will be dedicated to testing new features/code rewrites in the bot. There is no obligation to test unless you feel like helping. You are NOT allowed to re-upload any files below! Users found doing s…

68 July 18, 2019
Full sensitive 2 July 18, 2019
[Plugin] xControl 48 May 22, 2019
Auto Trade Message 5 July 18, 2019
Private server version 2 July 18, 2019
Solution 2 July 18, 2019
Trade Chat Answer

Due to each server changing random parts of their answer you may need to modify the script to make it work. from phBot import * import phBotChat import re from time import sleep def handle_chat(t, player, msg): if le…

18 July 17, 2019
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Arena 27 July 17, 2019
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